A doublet is an optical lens assembly consisting of two individual lenses cemented or spaced closely together. The purpose of a doublet is to correct chromatic aberration, a common optical aberration that causes different wavelengths of light to focus at different distances from the lens, resulting in color fringing or blurring in images.

  • Doublet with BK7 and F2
  • The chromatic aberration will be minized
  • There are three sphere surface, so the SPHA will be also corrected. 
  • The optimization will silde to the local vellay, but we can use the multi-start to find a better solution.
  • MF target: EFL=100mm and RMS Spot Radius for all F D C wavelength 

 Open the initial data from the sample folder


Lens data 


The EPD is 25mm

F D C wavelength 

0 angle fileld

RMS Spot Radius MF and 100mm EFL

The 3D Layout

We can use the Multi-Start tool to find the initial data

Many samples can be the start point.

We got a good design.

Spot Diagram

Ray Fan