CAXCAD LLC is a company that provides software, consultancy, and training services for optical design and analysis. The CAXCAD optical software is a powerful tool for designing and analyzing optical systems, and is specifically designed for computer-aided lens design.

The software includes a wide range of features, including ray tracing, optimization algorithms, and tolerance analysis, which can be used to design and optimize complex optical systems. CAXCAD's software is highly customizable and has a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both novice and experienced users.

CAXCAD also offers consultancy services to help customers solve complex optical design challenges. Their team of experts can provide guidance and support throughout the entire product development cycle, from initial design to final testing and validation.

In addition to software and consultancy services, CAXCAD offers training courses in computer-aided lens design. These courses are designed to help users develop the skills and knowledge necessary to use the software effectively and efficiently. The courses cover topics such as lens design theory, optimization techniques, and software features and functionality.