• Support Unicode now,the user can change the code setting between Unicode and ANSI
  • New AGF Glass Importer, the software can import the AGF file and convert it to GLF automaticly,  the command LoadAGF can also do the same function
  • New function for chief ray solve for coordinate break surface 
  • DLS speed up to 30%
  • New Surface Sag function
  • New Zernike Irregular surface,it can be used to tolerance and interferometer data simulation
  • New Zernike Fringe Sag surface with 37 terms
  • New X Toroid ,Y Toroid and Toroidal surface
  • New default tolerance setting windows
  • New tolerance operands: TIRR and TZIR for sphere and asphere irr simulation
  • New decenter tolerance operands : TDCX TDCY for all surface type
  • New tilt tolerance operands: TLTX TLTY TLRX TLRY for all surface type
  • The tolerance script functions has been added, please read the manual for details.

AGF Glass Import

Zernike Irregular Surface


We can simulate the third order aberration with this surface as showing in the follow picture 

The spot diagram will be changed according the tolerance

The tolerance script

User Script file is CTL format in the Macro\Tolerance folder in the CAXCAD,