These updates are very significant as they significantly improve the performance and functionality of your software.

  1. MTF Multithreading Calculation and Fast MTF Feature
  2. Fast Aspherical Surface Tracing Feature
  3. Update of Ray Aiming Algorithm
  4. Fast Wavefront Feature
  5. Enhanced Features in Graphic Windows
  6. Ruler Feature in PSF Window
  7. Addition of Secondary Toolbar
  8. Addition of Optical Pupil Aberration Analysis Feature

  • 2D Layout Hide Rays inside 
  • CX Rays for Multi-Filelds
  • Update Multi-Start,find the best start fast
  • New Fast Engine in Global Optimization
  • Global Optimization Speed up 5 times,DLS and MTF speed up
  • DLS now support all types of the variables
  • New Enhanced Ray Aiming 
  • Update CX Ray Aiming,the rays don't need the iterations.
  • The FOV can be more than 180 degreen now
  • New SPOT SPTX SPTY SPAR SPAX SPAY Merit Operands can work with Ray Aiming fast

  • Support Unicode now,the user can change the code setting between Unicode and ANSI
  • New AGF Glass Importer, the software can import the AGF file and convert it to GLF automaticly,  the command LoadAGF can also do the same function
  • New function for chief ray solve for coordinate break surface 
  • DLS speed up to 30%
  • New Surface Sag function
  • New Zernike Irregular surface,it can be used to tolerance and interferometer data simulation
  • New Zernike Fringe Sag surface with 37 terms
  • New X Toroid ,Y Toroid and Toroidal surface
  • New default tolerance setting windows
  • New tolerance operands: TIRR and TZIR for sphere and asphere irr simulation
  • New decenter tolerance operands : TDCX TDCY for all surface type
  • New tilt tolerance operands: TLTX TLTY TLRX TLRY for all surface type
  • The tolerance script functions has been added, please read the manual for details.

  • New 3D Model Layout
  • New Graphics Buttons and Update the Ray Color
  • Fast Data display and draw exchagne with TXT button
  • Data or Graphics save with SAVE button
  • New Lens Data Manager
  • Add work following buttons on the top of Lens Data Manager
  • Spread Sheets selection and copy
  • All sheets cell support addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • New Macro Command Windows

  • New Automatic Design tool for optimization
  • New MTF Operands: MSGT MTGT MAGT
  • Update the thermal algorithm
  • Update the glass read algorithm

  • New Field Curv and Distortion
  • New Relative illumination working with MF-RELI
  • New Lateral Color
  • New Chromatic Focus Shift
  • New Dispersion Diagram 
  • New Glass Map 

  • New Geometric PSF
  • New Geol MTF Operands: MF-GMTA MF-GMTS MF-GMTT
  • Update FootPrint, supports the ray go through
  • New Longitudinal Aberration,working with MF-LONA Operand
  • New color backgroud with Eyes Care 

    • New Zernike surface type
    • New FFT MTF method, speed up  
    • Add three optimization operands: MF-MTFA,MF-MTFS and MF-MTFT
    • New eye care mode
    • Software buttons add prompt informations
    • New status bar with EFFL EPDI ENPP EXPD EXPP PMAG PWNO TOTR 

  • Wavefront Map supports the Surface Plot and Surface Color
  • Vignetting has been updated to speed up and it can be working with Ray Aiming
  • The Aiming Buffer to speed up the ray tracing with no iterative.
  • 2D Layout has been updated and the 3D Layout supports the rotation and multi-configuration
  • Analysis features support the wavelength weight
  • Support calculation for the non-axial surface diameter and the semi-diameter
  • The WFNO has been updated to support non-axial system
  • The FFT PSF supports the multi-wavelength
  • The color bar has been added to the PSF with false color
  • The PSF supports the Surface Plot and Surface Color
  • The new merit funciton operand MF-STRH has been added by usting FFT PSF to optimize .
  • The FFT MTF now support multi-wavelength
  • The core tolerance operands has been added

  1. Add Merit Function Defination
  2. Add Merit Function Operand for first order data
  3. Add Merit Function Operand for Paraxial Ray 
  4. Add Merit Function Operand for operand for optical path
  5. Add Merit Function Operand for maths
  6. Update the extended parameter editor
  7. Update the solve for cv and thic
  8. Update the solve for sdia mdia conic 
  9. Update glass solve 
  10. Support change the solve by use keyboard
  11. Add Merit Function Operand for glass


  1. Update paraxial ray trace mathod
  2. Support EFFL BFL
  3. Update for importing zmx seq cax format files
  4. Update the ray aiming window
  5. Update glass file read function
  6. Support invert paraxial ray trace
  7. Add pupil posiiton calculation
  8. Add object NA and Magnification calculation
  9. Support Image space numerical aperture calculation.   
  10. Paraxial image height at the paraxial image surface
  11. Add standard surface type
  12. Add real ray trace
  13. Support text windows display
  14. Update paraxial ray trace
  15. Support normally filed and pupil
  16. Support text save
  17. Add first order data window
  18. Add paraxial ray trace window
  19. Add YNI calculation
  20. Update surface type list