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CAXCAD 2021-04-26 Update has been released:

  • Wavefront Map supports the Surface Plot and Surface Color
  • Vignetting has been updated to speed up and it can be working with Ray Aiming
  • The Aiming Buffer to speed up the ray tracing with no iterative.
  • 2D Layout has been updated and the 3D Layout supports the rotation and multi-configuration
  • Analysis features support the wavelength weight
  • Support calculation for the non-axial surface diameter and the semi-diameter
  • The WFNO has been updated to support non-axial system
  • The FFT PSF supports the multi-wavelength
  • The color bar has been added to the PSF with false color
  • The PSF supports the Surface Plot and Surface Color
  • The new merit funciton operand MF-STRH has been added by usting FFT PSF to optimize .
  • The FFT MTF now support multi-wavelength
  • The core tolerance operands has been added