CAXCAD provides the following analysis tools:


  • 2D cross section
  • Solid model with rotation, pan, zoom
  • Singlet and doublet element engineering drawing


  • Ray aberration
  • Optical path difference
  • Pupil aberration

Spot Diagrams

  • Standard field-by-field
  • Through focus
  • Full field (all at common scale)
  • Matrix (spot diagrams separated by field and wavelength)

Diffraction Analysis

  • Modulation transfer function (MTF), including phase
  • Square wave MTF
  • Through focus MTF (sine or square)
  • Point spread function
  • Point spread function cross section
  • Surface 3D MTF
  • Geometric transfer function (GTF)
  • Through focus GTF
  • Wavefront map surface plot

Encircled Energy

  • Diffraction radial
  • Geometric radial, x, y
  • Line response
  • Edge response


  • Grid distortion
  • Longitudinal aberration
  • Lateral color
  • Field curvature and distortion
  • RMS vs. field
  • RMS vs. focus
  • Image analysis (extended source imaging capability)
  • Interferograms
  • Y-Ybar diagram
  • Chromatic focal shift
  • Vignetting plot
  • Dispersion plot, glass map diagrams

Numerical Computations

  • First order system data
  • Surface power, volume, edge thickness data
  • Ray trace data, real and paraxial
  • Gaussian beam parameters
  • Seidel and Zernike aberrations
  • Wavefront, transverse, and longitudinal aberrations
  • YNI contributions
  • Sag tables, maximum aspheric deviation